DECAPSULATED or “shell-free” NON-HATCHING BRINE SHRIMP EGGS are typically fed directly to a wide variety of tropical fish – providing excellent nutritional value without the necessity and down-time of hatching. The outer shell, the chorion, has been chemically removed or oxidized using a concentrated chlorine solution. This process leaves the thin hatching membrane surrounding the unhatched brine shrimp embryo intact. Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs theoretically have a higher energy value than live brine shrimp since the energy consumed in the hatching process is conserved. Lipids and amino acids are left largely intact. Simply rehydrate the decapsulated brine shrimp eggs for a few minutes in fresh water and feed directly to your fry or juveniles (This step is not generally necessary for adult fish.). Note: A small amount of decapsulated eggs goes a long way. Don’t overfeed. Again, these are non-hatching brine shrimp eggs. Dare we repeat, non-hatching. The oxidation process is exothermic and generates heat in excess of the lethal temperature of the embryo. The further dehydration of the egg to maintain its shelf life renders the egg non-viable. An excellent feed for angelfish, goldfish, and guppies! Also well accepted by coryadora and plecostami.

Analysis: Protein, 53.6%; Acid Fat, 7.3%; Fiber, 19.6%; Moisture, 8.3%; Ash, 4.9%. Recent lot analysis for presence of heavy metals: Arsenic, 15.2 ppm; Cadmium, <0.5 ppm; Lead, <5.0ppm; Mercury, 0.01 ppm; Chromium, <1.0 ppm. [Midwest Laboratories, 01.04.18]

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